Scone gone wrong #jamfirst

I almost dropped off the side of an inclined treadmill this morning when I tuned in to BBC Breakfast on the TV in front of me. Trudging along and trying not to laugh myself into a self-inflicted coughing fit, I was confronted by the most hilarious and frankly ludicrous news story I’d ever seen…

See anything wrong with the image below? Maybe the current trending hashtag will be able to illuminate the issue better: #jamfirst.


The Lanhydrock National Trust, a magnificent Victorian country mansion, caused outrage on Mother’s Day after posting an image on Facebook of an incorrectly prepared Cornish cream tea.

As hideously demonstrated in the image, note how the thick clotted cream is spread first and a dollop of jam dropped on top like a desperate afterthought. It’s preposterous! Layering a scone in the wrong way is British blasphemy and the stuff of nightmares. We worship those cakes like a religion. Even the Queen would wake in the middle of the night screaming “JAM FIRST!!!” if she was ever served one so ill-prepared.

The comments on Facebook are even more amusing. Some of the irascible Cornish folk are now debating the cream’s true origin, claiming it is ‘fake Cornish cream’ as it is a shade too white – cows were clearly not born and bred in Cornwall then. There are even trending polls to state our preferences on the presentation of a scone. The best part? The National Trust team have created badges to apologise to all offended by what I like to call the ‘scone gone wrong’ image. These badges are boldly labelled #jamfirst just to remind us all how it should be done.


It really does reinforce the British stereotype and our trivialities! Well if we’re not complaining about a scone, it’ll be the downpour of rain we’re due next week.Β  At least we can rely on a traditional afternoon cream tea to unite us a nation.


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